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Thickys-thick gourmet cookies! - Gourmet Cookies Grandma would make, if she only had the time.
 Cookies thick, square-Thickys 
by Pan, All Edges or Center Cuts boxes.
      Thick square gourmet cookies available to purchase.   
Thickys fantastic combination of natural flavors can be tasted in every bite
 Thickys REAL ingredients of real eggs, real rich creamy butter, real dark brown sugar, real fruit sugar, unbleached enriched wheat flour, kosher salt with the milk chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, walnuts form a mouth watering combination you will crave. 
 This recipes is my own ole family home made recipe (because I made it in the 80's, for myself). With a variety of cuts to choose from, I'm sure you'll be more than just happy eating Thickys. The gift you want to get and remembered when you give them. 
 Once your order is received I bake them that evening. I use USPS Med. Priority Flat Rate boxes so that you get your treats in a few days and I can fit up to 4 boxes or pans in the same box. When you receive your order, if you think your not going to eat them in the next week or so (it could happen) just put them in the freezer. 
 Thickys Pan style are great for events because I cut them into 25 sections. This increases the chance that everyone might get one (including yourself of course). Order ahead of time so you are sure to have Thickys on hand for that special event-party-gift-snack-orderves-lunch-breakfast. I haven't found a time Thickys are not good for.
 Thickys All Edges, I make the pan around each one individually so that while it bakes it rises on the edges like the edges of a big pan and stays thick & fluffy (just slightly moist). I do actually crisperize like 5 in the group when I bake them but I eat them all. If you want your All Edges crisperized, you'll need to put them in the toaster oven until they reach the personally desired crunch level. You'll have to experiment to find the right time/temperature. All Edges hold up well to travel, for like lunches (work/school)-picnics-train trips-bus rides-road trips-hiking-walks-bike rides the list goes on and on.
 Thickys Center Cuts are made in a huge pan and we remove the very edges. Center Cuts have the 
characteristics of pan style center pieces. Center Cuts rise while they bake and fall (collapse) while they cool so Center Cuts are denser/moister. Some have even said it is like a cookie dough texture when you pull Center Cuts right out of the freezer and let them thaw a little. Center Cuts hold up well to travel, for like lunches (work/school)-picnics-train trips-bus rides-road trips-hiking-walks-bike rides the list goes on and on.
 The toppings availability is growing to demand. Currently there are Caramelized English Toffee (put on before I bake it so it caramelizes [melts] in while I bake it), English Toffee in chunks (put on after I bake it so it sticks to the top in chunks) and English Butter Toffee in chunks 
(put on after I bake it so it sticks to the top in chunks). Other toppings are available with the minimum order of 4 pans/boxes. Like BACON! Maple cured, crispy little pieces, Mmmm. With special orders, increments of 4 pans/boxes, I can substitute/add/subtract ingredients to your desire (you'll have to cover the additional costs if incurred for ingredients). So place that order to get the Thickys you desire. 
 My Gourmet cookies recipes are here so you can buy cookies online.  Mailed to whatever address you want, home, business, family get together, parties, Corp. events, etc...Your cookies on line order may be the best cookies for your gift baskets too. 
 I use the best chocolate so you taste the best chocolate cookies around. Available at some retailers so ask your local retailer if they have Thickys.