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Thickys-thick gourmet cookies! - Gourmet Cookies Grandma would make, if she only had the time.

You made it! Thickysby the Pan 
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are baked fresh to order and shipped the next day to the location of your desire (home, business, company events, birthday parties and any event that you want to be remembered for etc... where ever). 
 My customers tell me they are the best cookies ever. Some have even said they are the best chocolate cookies too.  Thickys are just Great cookies! I use the best chocolate I can find for my chips.
 With Thickys online cookies you can even send them to someone you love (hint-hint) that would be very, very happy to receive Thickys. Thickys go great with coffee, milk, white wine, Liquors and the list goes on & on.
 Here you can buy cookies online with ease. With the ease of your cookies on line order you don't even have to leave the chair and get them delivered.  
Next day delivery available. Ask your local retailer if they have Thickys.
 RLDXL LLC is focused on providing the highest-quality cookies and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations.
Thickys taste testers wanted! The first 1,000 Monthly Club Members will be testing new tasty treats for free. There's much more to come!      
The best cookies with the best chocolate for gift baskets. How can you just look at these Thickys and not taste them? I smell the butter, vanilla, dark brown sugar and the peanut butter chips from here.
What? More to come? When are you going to give one of those Thickys you have.